PYREX VISTA Single Metric Scale, Class A Graduated Cylinder, TD

PYREX VISTA™ Class A Graduated Cylinders are calibrated (TD) and have blue enamel graduations. The cylinder capacity is in accordance with ASTM E-1272.

  • Class A
  • Single Metric Scale, Graduated - To Deliver
  • No stopper
  • Pour-out style top

The 10 mL size has a funnel top. Plastic bumper guards are not available for Cat. #341-229-02. 


Manufacturer : Corning Incorporated

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Class A Graduated Cylinders
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Cat.#Capacity (mL)Mfg.#PriceQuantityEstimated Availability
341-229-021070024-10$394.54 CS / 24  
Ships within one week
341-229-042570024-25$417.97 CS / 18  
Ships within one week
341-229-065070024-50$434.47 CS / 18  
Ships within one week
341-229-0810070024-100$345.41 CS / 12  
Ships within one week
341-229-1025070024-250$477.72 CS / 12  
Ships within one week
341-229-1250070024-500$445.34 CS / 8  
Ships within one week

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