PYREX Filling Bells

These PYREX® filling bells are ideal for aseptically filling culture tubes. Rubber tubing is attached to the top of the tubulation while the receiving vessel is placed inside the bell. Tubulation O.D. is 9mm. PYREX® aspirator bottles have a bottom sidearm tubulation that can be used with these filling bells to aseptically dispense sterile media and solutions.

Manufacturer : Corning Incorporated

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Filling Bell
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Cat.#DescriptionDiameterHeightTubulation O.D.Mfg.#PriceQuantityEstimated Availability
197-800-02PYREX Small Filling BellInner: 23mm (approx)70mm (approx)7mm (approx)3960-S$76.94 EA  
Ships within one week
197-800-04PYREX Large Filling BellInner: 47mm (approx)85mm (approx)11mm (approx)3960-L$100.53 EA  
Ships within one week
197-802-02PYREX 25mm Diameter Filling BellOuter: 25mm (approx)80mm (approx)8mm (approx)3965-20$90.79 CS / 2  
Ships within one week
197-802-04PYREX 45mm Diameter Filling BellOuter: 45mm (approx)105mm (approx)9mm (approx)3965-40$138.51 CS / 2  
Ships within one week
197-802-06PYREX 54mm Diameter Filling BellOuter: 54mm (approx)105mm (approx)9mm (approx)3965-50$153.14 CS / 2  
Ships within one week
197-802-08PYREX 75mm Diameter Filling BellOuter: 75mm (approx)130mm (approx)9mm (approx)3965-70$177.48 CS / 2  
Ships within one week
197-802-10PYREX 110mm Diameter Filling BellOuter: 110mm (approx)135mm (approx)10mm (approx)3965-100$280.83 CS / 2  
Ships within one week

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