CVO-2 PRO Complete Vacuum Purge / Drying Oven Package

The CVO-2 PRO Package is a 2 cubic foot, benchtop vacuum oven with a powerful, clean, oil-free scroll pump. It is an ideal benchtop set up for vacuum drying or purging temp sensitive material but at faster rates, with deeper vacuum and optimized vapor flow rates. This complete system will liberate solvents, water or other unwanted compounds in a small batch, laboratory environments.

The CVO-2 PRO Package allows for expandability. Easily connect another vacuum oven to the large pumping system to increase capacity and save on future costs.

The CVO-2 PRO Package reduces purge and dry times. The MAX EVAP Connection Kit allows water, solvents, surfactants, outgassed material the largest exit path off your product and out of the oven. The MAX EVAP connection kit features a large 1” diameter oven exit port, 1″ diameter KF-25 lines and KF-25  adjustable vacuum valve. Much larger vapor flow path than traditional 3/8th diameter tubing.

CVO-2 PRO Package Includes:

  • CVO-2 vacuum oven
  • 5 stackable, flexible aluminum shelves in 1″, 2″ and 3″ heights
  • Agilent IDP7, 5.4CFM dry scroll pump
  • MAX EVAP vacuum oven to pump connection kit. This special connection kit optimizes flow rates with a large 1″ dia exit path out of oven, large, vacuum rated 1″ diameter lines, a large 1″dia vacuum valve and into the 1″ diameter vacuum pump inlet. At no time is the outgas load restricted or flow reduced. Also includes the KF-25 hardware.

CVO-2 Vacuum Oven Features:

  • NRTL Certified by TUV
  • Flexible shelving configuration of 5 each 11.5″ x 19″ stackable shelves
  • Stable temperature control. Digital temperature readout with temp sensor INSIDE the oven
  • Solvent resistant BUNA door gasket
  • Bright LED lights in window for visibility of sensitive material
  • Digital vacuum gauge reads in inches of mercury
  • Smooth, quarter-turn vacuum and vent valves
  • Rear KF-25 port allows for rapid MAX EVAP purging or running feedthroughs inside oven for monitoring
  • 120V or 220V power options are available
  • Quality Tempered Rated Glass NGI-US to ANSI Z97.1.2007 156CFR/201 11 SGCC -2577 ½ UA
  • Adjustable leveling feet ensure your unit sits solid and level in the workspace

Download printable specifications.

Processing Temperature Sensitive Material? The CVO-2 comes in both low temp & high temp versions:
Be sure to get the low temp CVO-2 version that has excellent temperature uniformity for temperature sensitive products such as pharmaceuticals, slurries or any product that can be damaged or destroyed by temperature fluctuations.

Low-Temperature Processing Range:  26°F to 250°F (121°C)
Temperature Uniformity: +/- 1.5°F @ 105°F (40.5°C)
Temperature Stability: +/- 0.4°F @ 105°F(40.5°C)

High-Temperature Processing Range:  Up to  428°F / 220°C
Temperature Uniformity: +/- 6.5% of setpoint

Agilent IDP7 Dry Scroll Pump Features:
  • Oil-Free. Eliminates contamination risk.  Will not smoke out exhaust, no filter required.
  • Quiet (for a vacuum pump)
  • 5.4 CFM pumping speed
  • Ulitmate vacuum: 2 x 10-2 Torr
  • 120V or 220V / 1ph power – flexible configuration
  • Adjustable “gas ballast” allows for better solvent tolerance/ingestion
  • Maintenance requires the replacement of a single “tip seal”.  Low cost of ownership.
  • Powerful enough to accommodate a second vacuum pump

One year warranty. Gaskets not included.

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Manufacturer : Cascade Sciences, LLC

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627-564-20CVO-2 PRO PackageCVO-2-ProPKGCall for pricing  
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Parts & Accessories:

Cat.#DescriptionMfg.#PriceQuantityEstimated Availability
627-562-08Nitrogen Purge ConnectionNitPurge$83.70 EA  
Ships within 2 weeks
627-562-10MAX EVAP KF-25 Connections on OvenMAXEVAP$1,255.51 EA  
Ships within 2 weeks
627-566-02CVO-2, 19751226$83.70 EA  
Ships within 2 weeks
627-566-04CVO-2, 25680582$83.70 EA  
Ships within 2 weeks
627-566-06CVO-2, 3.65680567$83.70 EA  
Ships within 2 weeks
627-566-08CVO-2, Standard Gasket, Solvent Resistant BUNA, 221°F to 105°C Rated3450708$123.21 EA  
Ships within 2 weeks
627-566-10CVO-2, High Temp Silicone Gasket, 446°F to 230°C Rated9490542$123.21 EA  
Ships within 2 weeks
627-566-12CVO-2, Pan Style Shelf5680576$83.70 EA  
Ships within 2 weeks


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