Practum Analytical Balances

Designed for the general lab that requires accurate and reliable weighing at low cost. Ideal for labs with multiple users, that need maximum overload protection and password protection. Obtain professional results with a world-class weighing instrument, and rely on consistent readings with outstanding repeatability.

• Application programs include weighing, density determination, percentage, checkweighing, peak hold, counting, and unstable conditions.
• High-resolution, overload-protected weigh cells ensure durable and reliable performance. Exceptionally rugged and reliable lab balance.
• Below-balance weighing: extra large volumes or magnetic substances are easy to weigh using the easily accessible weighing port.
• Practical and sturdy draft shield will stand up to daily use even by inexperienced operators. It can be completely disassembled to clean the glass parts in a dishwasher.
• Robust and easy to clean housing with easy to operate draft shield.
• Supervisor lock enables teachers and professors to lock the menu.
• Automatic recognition of standard printer YDP40.
• USB port automatically detects when a Sartorius printer is connected to the Practum. This interface also enables you to transfer your weighing data directly into a Microsoft excel spreadsheet, without the need for additional software.
• Documents weights automatically and reliably, such as slow filling process by interval-controlled printouts of weights.
• Extra large feet and up-front level indicator for easy levelling.
• External calibration.
• Theft lock: Kensington lock and lockdown capability for cable or chain.
• Weighing chamber height: 209 mm.
• Dimensions (D x W x H): 14.1 x 8.5 x 12.6”.
• Power: 120V. CSA approved.
• Warranty: 2 years.

Manufacturer : Sartorius

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Cat.#ModelReadabilityCapacityPan SizeNet weight, kgStabilization TimeLinearityMfg.#PriceQuantityEstimated Availability
111-090-022240.1mg220g90mm dia.4.52 seconds0.3mgPRACTUM224-1S$3,549.00 EA  
Ships within 2 weeks
111-090-041240.1mg120g90mm dia.4.52 seconds0.3mgPRACTUM124-1S$3,228.75 EA  
Ships within 2 weeks
111-090-05640.1mg60g90mm dia.4.52 seconds0.2mgPRACTUM64-1S$2,751.00 EA  
Ships within 2 weeks
111-090-063131mg310g120mm dia.4.91 second2mgPRACTUM313-1S$1,974.00 EA  
Ships within 2 weeks
111-090-082131mg210g120mm dia.4.91 second2mgPRACTUM213-1S$1,837.50 EA  
Ships within 2 weeks
111-090-105131mg510g120mm dia.4.91 second2mgPRACTUM513-1S$2,530.50 EA  
Ships within 2 weeks

Parts & Accessories:

Cat.#DescriptionFor use withMfg.#PriceQuantityEstimated Availability
111-090-30Class 2 calibration weight, 100gCat. #111-090-04WE100GAC2N$135.45 EA  
Ships within 2 weeks
111-090-32Class 2 calibration weight, 200gCat. #111-090-02, 111-090-06, 111-090-08WE200GAC2N$174.30 EA  
Ships within 2 weeks

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