Aneroid Barometers

These barometers accurately measure atmospheric pressure from sea level to 2000 feet and simultaneously monitor temperature with their built-in glass thermometer. A bimetallic temperature compensation feature preserves pressure accuracy at any temperature. Choose from mbar/in. Hg or mbar/mm Hg models. Both models come in an attractive brass case and include a bezel for easy bulk-head mounting. Includes manual pointer to indicate changes since last viewing. Dimensions: 6.1” dia. x 2” D

Manufacturer : Oakton

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Cat.#RangeResolutionAccuracyMfg.#PriceQuantityEstimated Availability
123-610-11930 to 1070 mbar, 27.5 to 31.6” Hg, 22 to 132°F, -5 to 55°C1 mbar, 0.1” Hg, 2°F/1°C±1 mbar, ±0.03” Hg, ±1.8°F/±1°C03316-70$991.62 EA  
Ordered upon request
123-610-13930 to 1070 mbar, 698 to 802 mm Hg, -5 to 55°C1 mbar, 1 mm Hg, 1°C±1 mbar, ±1 mm Hg, ±1°C03316-72$946.75 EA  
Ordered upon request

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