Bath Fluids

Dynalene HC-50™ combines the low temperature performance of synthetic organic and silicone fluids while extending the properties of familiar aqueous based glycols. Excellent low temperature performance without toxicity or risk to the environment, equipment or personnel. The Dow Corning®‚ fluids provide superior thermal stability over their respective temperature ranges. Compatible with stainless steel components but not with Buna or natural rubber. 

Manufacturer : Preston Industries, Inc.

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Cat.#DescriptionTemperature RangeVolume (L)Mfg.#PriceQuantityEstimated Availability
124-740-02HC-50-50 to 100°C3.7860330$406.06 EA  
Ships within one week
124-740-04Polytherm S150+50 to 150°C3.7860326$2,405.73 EA  
Ships within one week
124-740-06Polytherm S200+100 to 200°C3.7860327$1,948.71 EA  
Ships within one week
124-740-08Polytherm S250+150 to 250°C3.7860328$2,345.69 EA  
Ships within one week
124-740-10Polycool MIX - 25-25C to 80C, when mixed 50%/50% with distilled water1.894-300060$428.70 CS / 5  
Ships within one week
124-740-12Polyclear Mix 30+5 to 90°C1.89004-300063$182.52 CS / 5  
Ships within one week

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