GC600 Gas Chromatograph

  • Simultaneous operation of up to 3 injectors and 3 detectors.
  • Full range of detectors with excellent sensitivity and linearity ranges: FID, TCD, ECD, NPD and MS.
  • Cold septum, purgeless injector eliminates septum bleeding so septum purge is not required and column integrity is maintained. Leak tight injector prevents loss of volatiles, improving detection limits and reproducibility. Use of a straight liner enables fast transfer of the high boiling analytes to the column head. No possibility of back diffusion of atmospheric oxygen or water through the septum purge flow, which could oxidise or hydrolyse very labile samples in the hot GC injector.
  • Pressure resolution: 0.0015 PSI. Extended pressure and flow operating ranges deliver a choice of true flow or pressure programming. Up to 5 ramps and free selection of carrier gas reduces analysis time.
  • Low inertia, high precision oven (±0.1°C displayed) with an expanded temperature range allows for ultra fast heating and cooling. It is isolated in a forced-air circulating chamber for better temperature stability.
  • Upgraded oven-flap design achieves optimal temperature control.
  • PG integration software provides full automation and also controls the auto injector, allowing any combination of injector sequences and providing a simple tool for data acquisition, processing and report generation. It meets all the requirements of GLP/GMP, acquisition, integration, calibration and reporting under 21 CFR part 11.
  • Pneumatics with high accuracy A/D converter.
  • User friendly interface with touch screen, interactive programming and menu driven windows.
  • Built-in web server with full remote control via internet and TCP/IP communication.


Manufacturer : Persee Analytics

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