GX Series Precision Balances

Internal Calibration
Save time and money. Push one button and calibrate the balance using the internal mass.

Log 200 sets of weighing data or 50 sets of GLP data.

ACAI Counting Function
Automatic Counting Accuracy Improvement continuously recalculates and updates the average piece weight, ensuring optimum count accuracy even with very small parts.

GLP Compliance
Allows balance management by outputting time and date, calibration data, ID number and serial number.

Percentage Function
Shows the percentage to the standard sample weight. Ideal for comparative weighing and moisture loss applications.

Communication Software
Software allows easy transmission of weighing data into Windows applications.

The A&D new Super Hybrid Sensor (SHS) technology improves response speed and minimizes maintenance costs. Its unique design provides the fastest response speed in its class — just 1 second. And if you need to repair the SHS you just replace one of three parts — no need to replace the whole sensor. LOWER MAINTENANCE COSTS. An additional benefit is that the GX balance automatically performs self-calibration using the internal mass when the balance detects ambient temperature changes. Multiple weighing units, RS232, capacity indicator, stability indicator, percentage weighing, animal weighing, and comparative weighing are all standard. 110 volt.

*Models GX-200, 400 & 600 supplied with short draft shield.
Tall glass draft shields available as an optional accessory.

Manufacturer : A&D

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Cat.#ReadabilityCapacityPan Size, cmMfg.#PriceQuantityEstimated Availability
111-650-520.001 g 210 g12.8 x 12.8GX-200$2,528.75 EA  
Ordered upon request
111-650-540.001 g 410 g12.8 x 12.8GX-400$3,139.50 EA  
Ordered upon request
111-650-560.001 g 610 g12.8 x 12.8GX-600$3,713.50 EA  
Ordered upon request
111-650-580.01 g2,100 g16.5 x 16.5GX-2000$2,528.75 EA  
Ordered upon request
111-650-600.01 g4,100 g16.5 x 16.5GX-4000$3,381.00 EA  
Ordered upon request
111-650-620.01 g6,100 g16.5 x 16.5GX-6100$3,771.25 EA  
Ordered upon request
111-650-640.1 g6,100 g16.5 x 16.5GX-6000$2,910.25 EA  
Ordered upon request
111-650-660.1 g8,100 g16.5 x 16.5GX-8000$3,542.00 EA  
Ordered upon request

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