Graduated Pressure Equalizing Addition Funnels with Teflon Stopcock

Addition funnel with a pressure equalizing tube, a full length outer joint at the top, the same size full length inner joint at the bottom with a sealed-in drip tip. With graduated body. Stopper is not included.

Manufacturer : Wilmad/Labglass

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Cat.#Capacity, mlSubdiv., mlJoint SizeMfg.#PriceQuantityEstimated Availability
518-100-16  60 124/40LG-8271T-100$891.64 EA  
Ships within one week
518-100-18 125 124/40LG-8271T-102$904.93 EA  
Ships within one week
518-100-22 250 524/40LG-8271T-104$1,031.67 EA  
Ships within one week
518-100-24 500 524/40LG-8271T-106$1,227.53 EA  
Ships within one week
518-100-2610001024/40LG-8271T-110$1,473.85 EA  
Ships within one week
518-100-30 500 529/42LG-8271T-108$1,266.28 EA  
Ships within one week

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