ICM Colorimeters

Superbly engineered electronics and special light sources ensure ultra-fast warmups and stable sample readings in as little as 3 seconds after test button has been pushed ... time after time for up to 1000 tests on a single set of batteries! Their linearities produce excellent quantitative results, approaching those of much more expensive spectrophotometers.

This meter displays your results on a large (0.6”), 3 1/2 digit high-contrast LCD that is easy to read, even in bright light. In addition to the normal 0-100% Transmission and 0-2.0 Absorbance ranges, it also reads out directly in concentration units in two ranges: 0-199.9 and 0-1999 for low and high values, respectively, and in units of your choice. Recorder jacks are provided for permanently documenting readings, recording kinetic reactions, etc. The universal cuvette holder automatically adjusts and accurately indexes plastic and glass rectangular cuvettes, as well as round tubes of any diameter from 9 mm to 19 mm without adapters or light shields of any kind. Cuvettes are not included.

The ICM multi-wavelength filter wheel allows you to measure analytes at up to seven different wavelengths for optimum sensitivity and selectivity. In its normal configuration, the wheel comes equipped with seven standard discrete filters optimized at 430, 460, 490, 530, 570, 610, and 660 nanometers (nm), with a bandwidth of 10 nm, suitable for most common applications. Warranty: 1 year.

Wavelength range: 430-660 nm
Readout: 3.5 digit LCD (0.6"")
   Transmission: 0-100.0%
   Absorbance: 0-2.0 A
   Concentration: 0-199.9/0-1999
Bandwidth: 10 nm
Wavelength peak: ±5 nm
Sample holder: universal, rectangular & 9 to 19 mm round
Size: 5""H x 8""W x 5""D
Weight: 5 lbs. (2.3 kg)
Power: 8 AA batteries (115 volt with optional A/C adapter)

Manufacturer : Industrial & Chemical Measurem

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