PerkinElmer QSight Pesticide Analyzer

Built to run hundreds of pesticides in one run, with the utmost sensitivity and efficiency, the QSight Pesticide Analyzer is the only instrument that provides 15% higher throughput than conventional systems.

As part of the complete pesticide solution, the QSight Pesticide Analyzer delivers all the functionality you need in a triple quad solution, plus an array of innovations you won’t find in competitive systems – all in a compact form factor that doesn’t take up valuable bench space.

Innovative technologies:

  • The StayClean technology uses hot-surface-induced desolvation (HSID), a sampling interface that never needs cleaning, resulting in 15% more uptime than conventional systems.
  • Patented Laminar Flow Ion Guide eliminates instrument drift in signal and frequent re-optimization by operating at zero potential and transporting ions by flow, ensuring the highest level of performance.
  • The QSight systems dual-source configuration can be set in ESI or APCI modes, enabling combinations such as ESI/ESI, ESI/APCI, and APCI/APCI – with the same or opposite polarities.
  • With its high-energy dynode to attract positive ions, the UniField Detector causes positive ions to collide with a high-energy dynode to form electrons that cascade into the detector, while negative ions are detected as usual for pulse counting.

From initial sample preparation and extraction to analysis and reporting, the QSight Pesticide Analyzer can deliver all the functionality you need for the most efficient high-sensitivity analyses.

QSight Pesticides Analyzer Brochure

Analysis of Pesticide Residues in Cannabis


Clean, safe cannabis is in high demand. As with many other agricultural products, chemicals like pesticides and antifungals, as well as performance enhancement reagents, have been applied to cannabis to increase yields and reduce attacks from insects and mold. Many of these chemicals and reagents may have harmful effects on humans. In addition, highly complex mixtures of compounds can be generated from smoking, which can interact with the chemicals present in the initial product to form more toxic materials.

Pesticide Testing

Although gas chromatography-mass spectrometry (GC/MS) has been used for pesticide analysis in cannabis samples, it is not suitable for ionic and polar compounds, especially for compounds that are thermal labile in the GC injection port.

LC/MS/MS is the Technology of Choice

Liquid chromatography-tandem mass spectrometry (LC/MS/MS) has become the method of choice for pesticide analysis due to its high selectivity and sensitivity, as well as its suitability for a wide range of compounds in different sample matrices.

A Method for All Regulated Pesticides

A version of the QuEChERS extraction method provides a simple routine sample preparation procedure. 

Manufacturer : PerkinElmer

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QSight Pesticide Analyzer
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