Valor 4000 Legal for Trade Compact Scales

  • Application modes include weighing, percent weighing, checkweighing and accumulation.
  • Measures lb, oz, lb:oz, kg, or g.
  • Fast speed, practical touchless sensors and multiple weighing modes enhance productivity. Additional checkweighing and percent weighing modes increase the functionality. Checkweighing function uses bright red/yellow/green LED's to easily fill containers and packages by weight — great for sorting, grading and portioning.
  • Touchless infrared sensor allows operator to tare the scale with a swipe of the hand.
  • Stabilization time: 1 second.
  • Large dual (front and rear) LED displays allows multiple users to use the scale for the same job.
  • Safe overload capacity: 150% of capacity.
  • Highly durable polycarbonate keypad is impact and puncture resistant and can endure contact with knives or sharp instruments. Smooth glossy surfaces easily repel stains, moisture, corrosive fluids and food contaminants, and stainless steel models offer an extra layer of protection.
  • Non-slip leveling feet ensure a wide stance and surface resistance. The rubber of the feet extends to the shaft that ensures no grooves are exposed when fully extended; a design that passes NSF standards.
  • IPX8 Flow-thru™ design ensures the scale remains protected from damage from liquids, channeling fluids that may enter the housing to strategically located drain holes. The internal components and connections are silicone sealed.
  • Legal for Trade certifications that meet or exceed the Class III accuracy requirements in accordance with NIST Handbook 44 and Measurement Canada Weights and Measures Regulations. Tested and certified by NSF, USDA-AMS accepted and supports HACCP certified systems.
  • Calibration: digital external span calibration.
  • IR sensor: Rear side for tare function.
  • Platform size: 7.5 x 9.5".
  • Operating temperature range: -10 to 40°C (14 to 104°F), 10 to 90% RH non-condensing.
  • Power: 100-240V or the built-in rechargeable lead-acid battery will provide power for 50 continuous hours.
  • One-year warranty

Manufacturer : Ohaus Corporation

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Stainless steel model
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Cat.#CapacityReadabilityConstructionScale Dimensions (W x D x H)Net WeightMfg.#PriceQuantityEstimated Availability
112-045-021500g0.2gPlastic housing, stainless steel platform10.1 x 11 x 4.8"3kgV41PWE1501T$1,053.85 EA  
Ordered upon request
112-045-043000g0.5gPlastic housing, stainless steel platform10.1 x 11 x 4.8"3kgV41PWE3T$1,053.85 EA  
Ordered upon request
112-045-066000g1gPlastic housing, stainless steel platform10.1 x 11 x 4.8"3kgV41PWE6T$1,053.85 EA  
Ordered upon request
112-045-0815,000g2gPlastic housing, stainless steel platform10.1 x 11 x 4.8"3kgV41PWE15T$1,053.85 EA  
Ordered upon request
112-045-101500g0.2gStainless steel housing and platform10.1 x 11.3 x 4.9"3.9kgV41XWE1501T$1,230.96 EA  
Ordered upon request
112-045-123000g0.5gStainless steel housing and platform10.1 x 11.3 x 4.9"3.9kgV41XWE3T$1,230.96 EA  
Ordered upon request
112-045-146000g1gStainless steel housing and platform10.1 x 11.3 x 4.9"3.9kgV41XWE6T$1,230.96 EA  
Ordered upon request
112-045-1615,000g2gStainless steel housing and platform10.1 x 11.3 x 4.9"3.9kgV41XWE15T$1,230.96 EA  
Ordered upon request


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Plastic model
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